Yves-René Kayonga

Co-Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur since 2009, Yves-René has founded multiple businesses including Duniamedia, a communications company based in Geneva, one of the leading communications companies in Europe specialized in working in Africa.
Yves-René is among the pioneers and one of the prominent African digital broadcast engineers. As a consultant, he has advised several United Nations agencies, senior public and private sector leaders on communication strategies and digital media content management and distribution.
He has over 10 years work experience in several leading broadcasting companies e.g. Performed Group, a world leading digital sports content and media group where he worked as a Broadcast Engineer, and BEN television, the first and longest running black-oriented television in Europe, working as the Technical Director.
Yves-René has successfully led several innovative content deliveries and online live streaming for high profile events both in and out of Africa. Key events include WTO Public Forum, Africa Internet Summit, 20th anniversary for Internet Society (ISOC), and the 1st Africa Climate Conferences in Arusha.
Yves-René completed his MA (hons) in Audiovisual and has a Master’s in Communication, majoring in Humanitarianism and Development.