Anne-Rachel Inné

Vice President of Government Engagement for ICANN

Anne-Rachel is a founding member of African Internet related organisations including The African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) and The African Network Operators Group (AfNOG).
She is featured as an ICT Expert in the ILO/IOM book for the AUC: African Women at the Service of the Union. She was also awarded both the 2010 Network Information Infrastructure Service Award in recognition of her contribution to improving and sustaining Africa's Internet environment and the 2010 AFRINIC Leadership Award for her immense commitment and continued engagement in internet related communities in the interest of Africa.
Before joining ICANN, Anne-Rachel worked as a programme manager for several countries at the International Institute for Communications and Development (IICD) based in the Hague, The Netherlands.
Anne-Rachel holds a Master of Literature and an MBA in International Management (Finance/Economics).